3D Animator

Looking for your next job? Apply to be a 3D Animator at Enter Agora.


We are an established global branding agency which has a deep focus on innovation, with a client portfolio that features the world’s biggest and best at what they do. You would be working for our tech spin-off, a brand-new start-up, backed by us, a global law firm and a Board level CTO.

We are a collection of great minds that like to do things that haven’t been done before (this is how Enter Agora was born!). We are fast, we are good, we are transparent, and we work (really hard) as a team. We handpick our people, because we want them to share the journey with us. We like to reword hard work, and we believe in giving people chances to prove themselves. We don’t look at age, we look at talent. And if you are talented, hard-working, and have a ‘there is nothing we can’t solve if we think of things differently’ attitude, then you should definitely apply. Oh, and you have to know your code…

Our mission

To revolutionise the way we connect with each other, creating bespoke virtual worlds that allow you to drive business objectives and benefits.

Enter Agora

Enter Agora is a high-tech, high-end extension of the real world. It allows global organisations to engage with their workforce and clients, to amplify their brand and deliver exciting, immersive virtual experiences to large, otherwise hard-to-reach audiences.

The tech start-up was created to serve an immediate purpose – to be a part of the answer to the toughest economic challenge since the Second World War – and it has resulted in an immersive and business-changing solution for global organisations.

You: 3D Animator


  • Liaising with concept artists and tech artists about physical attributes and movements of characters
  • Drawing character sketches showing key movements
  • Articulating characters within environments, layouts and backgrounds
  • Creating joins and moving points to rotate and pivot
  • Designing, testing and maintaining character set ups
  • Ensuring character movements are fluid, free of glitches and believable
  • Establishing logical system of file creation for use within the course of production
  • Facial targeting modelling
  • Following established character setup procedures
  • Identifying issues and following through with enquiries
  • Testing rigs and ensuring they hold up in animation


  • 5+ years of experience as a game artist/visual development artist for games
  • Experience with Maya, Motion Builder, 3D Studio Max
  • Oral and written communication English skills as well as good instructional skills


  • Full-time
  • Location: remote
  • Be part of a dynamic, international team
  • Be involved in developing a cutting-edge product

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