About us

Enter Agora: Real-world interaction, virtual-world exploration
A close-up photograph of someone using Enter Agora on a landscape mobile phone

Enter Agora is a high-tech, high-end extension of the real world. It allows global organisations to engage with their workforce and clients, to amplify their brand and deliver exciting, immersive virtual experiences to large, otherwise hard-to-reach audiences.

Global brand agency Within International launched Enter Agora in 2020 with a product that revolutionises the way we connect with each other.

The tech startup was created to serve an immediate purpose – to be a part of the answer to the toughest economic challenge since the Second World War – and it has resulted in an immersive and business-changing solution for global organisations.

We believe that in order to achieve progress, businesses need to adapt quickly to their environments and be more agile in their critical thinking. We use technology as an enabler of strong performance and to facilitate even more meaningful human interaction.

Enter Agora is not an online event platform, nor a video-conferencing tool, nor a virtual networking hub – it is a 3D world, secure and designed to specification, equally as well adapted for solo on-boarding or training as for global trade shows.

Meet, greet, talk, debate, learn, advise, train, sell, promote, advertise – and best of all – experience the world on your own terms.

The Team

Enter Agora has a team working around the clock to deliver a top-grade experience to global businesses all around the world.

Digital does not have to mean automised or robotic – we take pride in our relationship approach. We provide our clients with the talent and flexibility to face, solve and rise above their challenges.

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