Enter Agora

“Enter Agora was born out of a need and evolved into the future of how we experience the world.”

Looking up towards the two main stages in the Enter Agora environment.

Within International, a London-based strategic consulting agency founded in 2006, was created with the primary focus of enhancing how the world’s leading businesses communicate.

As an agency, our process is designed to enable businesses to achieve their full potential, and as a prerequisite we put clients at the centre of everything we do. That’s why the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic enhanced our propensity to invent, to solve problems none of us had faced in our lifetimes. Our objective became to explore and innovate for our clients, helping them overcome unusual challenges.

We pooled our energy and resources on technology and creativity to answer an almost unsolvable problem: how can global businesses, that planned to have corporate gatherings of all forms continue to thrive, connect, and evolve, when we cannot meet?

Enter, Agora.

Enter Agora reimagines the way we experience our world virtually by creating bespoke virtual environments fit for any business need, allowing visitors to interact with content, other guests and spaces like never before.

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Request an immersive walk‑through.

Request an immersive walk‑through.

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