Build your own world, enhance your reality

Each bespoke project in Enter Agora starts with a discovery phase where we immerse clients in live working sessions.

For the better part of 2020, we focused our creative energy and innovative drive on bringing Enter Agora to life. The high-end, high-tech product is a first-of-its-kind, customisable and modular platform that is 100% unique to each project. Work alongside us to create a bespoke online experience for your business or brand.

Limitless possibilities

With some of the biggest companies in the world as clients, we produce pixel-perfect experiences that amplify their brands. Our product enables hundreds of people to interact live inside a bespoke venue to satisfy any event need. Better still, our clients can keep the venue, change the content and use it again at their own pace.

We have spent many months developing a product that replicates, and in some instances improves, a live experience. We urge our clients not to project real world limitations into the virtual world because there are so many more possibilities with Enter Agora. Why walk when you can teleport? Why talk to one person when you can talk to many? Why limit content when you can extend your space? And, most importantly, why hire a venue when we can build you an online environment you can use over and over again?

“Nothing is off the shelf – our clients deserve the best, and we make sure we set them apart by building entirely bespoke ecosystems.”

An overview of an Enter Agora environment

Discovery phase

Each project in Enter Agora starts with an immersion into a discovery phase where we understand clients’ needs and priorities, their business infrastructure, and what success looks like for them. We begin creating their bespoke online experience through live working sessions, bringing our clients closer to their virtual realm.

“Our client’s input is vital as it leads to the 3D model creation from an aesthetic and functional point of view. This is an exciting step in any client journey, as we organise live sessions where they can walk around their virtual space and provide input on the design, the content placement and any user experience enhancements,” explains Mitul Rajani, Head of Animation at Within International and Board Director at Enter Agora.

During these live sessions with clients, we are able to move (or remove) walls in the digital versions of the physical venues they are used to, or change the size, shape, texture, clothing, wrap or even the gait of characters. As creative servicing goes, for clients as far away from London as New York, Sydney and Hong Kong, it’s borderline magic and definitely ground‑breaking.

“Nothing is off the shelf – our clients deserve the best, and we make sure we set them apart by building entirely bespoke ecosystems,” adds Mitul.

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