Data-driven decisions

Finding a new way of doing business will be essential for the survival and success of fast-transforming organisations. Enriched with content and interactive features, Enter Agora enhances real-world environments by giving choice, comfort and excitement to the users, and insights on guest preferences to the client.

Companies that embrace digital transformation are 27% more profitable.

Tailored experiences

With hundreds of people moving independently in Enter Agora, our clients have access to intelligence that would be impossible to obtain in the physical world.

Guests have full control over their experience, deciding when and how to live it. Their journey can be tailored to specific requirements, and by allowing interactions with content and other guests alike, it provides our clients with instant insights into their experience.

Audience analytics

Additionally, each user experience can be measured with analytics* to learn about the audience and create new revenue-generating activities based on guest preferences.

Enter Agora enables the use of intelligence and data by removing friction and aiding agility and speed. This allows business to continue to be heard and for new and existing employees to do their jobs better. It ensures a culture of trust and free-flowing ideation, meaning guests can collaborate seamlessly as they would do in a real-life environment.

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*This requires consent from guests registering on Enter Agora and their willingness to be contacted afterwards.