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With the global shift to a hybrid model of gathering, working, and conducting business, virtual conferences and events have become desirable must-haves for companies of all sizes. Therefore, providing essential tools for business continuity has become a vital function that Enter Agora fulfils.

Key features include conversation, how-to films, presentation/agenda, live broadcast and search

Once guests have learnt how to interact and navigate safely and seamlessly in the environment, the next step of their journey is to access relevant and relatable information wherever they go, whomever they speak to. Enter Agora gives all these options. From managing and publishing agendas, to hosting interactive presentations with end-of-session Q&As, to conducting workshops, seminars and break-out sessions, Enter Agora ensures attendees of virtual conferences have access to all the essential documentation they need to make the most of the experience. The only difference compared to an in-person event is the minimal impact on the environment and the always-on accessibility

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