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Enter Agora allows you to create bespoke 3D worlds developed specifically to fit your brand and business needs from the ground up. From a conference to an experiential showcase to a global expo complete with stands, create an immersive environment that’s infinitely more appealing and interactive that any existing formats. Existing virtual platforms and experiences are often unengaging, boring and simply glorified video calls. They limit online experiences and can never mimic the real thing – Enter Agora does.
Enter Agora is not made to replace real life events – instead, it reimagines the way we experience our world, virtually. Designed to complement rather than replace live experiences, Enter Agora acts as an extension of your space before, during and after any experience. Offering the possibility to host your attendees for pre-registration, expand your capacity virtually, share post-event content with delegates who were unable to attend, implement targeted ads, tailor experiences to your visitors and extract performance analytics, Enter Agora serves as a supplementary tool to enhance the real experience.
Enter Agora is accessible from your home or office without any additional gear or equipment. In order to enter your new world, register on the dedicated page for your event here on our website. Similar to a gaming experience, you will receive a unique license code along with a link to download an executable file on your own computer. From there, it’s a click and play seamless experience.
Yes. We understand that part of the beauty of live experiences are the bump-ins – those off-beat, sporadic moments that other online experiences are unable to replicate. Reimagining how we come together in virtual environments, Enter Agora offers built-in interactive features that bring digital connections closer than ever to real-life social interactions. Allow your guests to interact using their own voices, engage through chat features, share their details and connect with people they otherwise wouldn’t bump into, from anywhere, on any device.
One of our navigational features is an interactive map that will show participants where they are and allow them to click and jump to other locations. Your avatar navigates using the arrow or cursor keys and your mouse controls the position of your character’s head.
The way we build worlds in Enter Agora depends on your customisation needs. This will look at how your world looks, but also the features you want within. A bespoke world will take anywhere from four to 12 weeks.

The maximum capacity depends on the level of interactivity you desire and the use of the platform. Enter Agora can comfortably host hundreds of concurrent users for conference-like events.

Enter Agora allows for restrictions on interactivity and location. We can design your world with different areas and levels and grant or restrict their access to a certain type of user. Following that same logic, users can access all or a selected number of interactive features (chat feature, movement and map functionality) depending on their classification.

Absolutely. Enter Agora is designed to display most types of content. From event signage, graphics, pre-recorded films, social media feeds, live streaming sessions or information panels, advertising and sponsorship, our content options are varied and customisable throughout.

Enter Agora is designed to support all types of live streaming capabilities. Through the platform, users are able to live stream from different time zones within the environment and deliver a seamless experience to participants with minimal lag in live streaming video content. On top of that, Enter Agora can also host social media feeds and links to external online content.

Your world on Enter Agora can be open forever – any experience can be hosted 24/7 for users around the globe. Adaptable to reuse for multiple events, Enter Agora also offers the possibility to host your attendees for pre-registration and share post-event content with delegates who were unable to attend – all for a fraction of the cost of a single live experience and with zero environmental impact.

Absolutely. Like in a real-life event, Enter Agora is built with signposts, banners and pods within the environment that can be populated with sponsor-specific content such as videos, graphics, and animations. Due to the collaborative nature between Enter Agora and Within International, a brand and design agency, we work with you to create content tailored to the environment and your sponsors.
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