Interactive navigation

Using Enter Agora on a desktop computer

We have equipped Enter Agora with an accessible interactive map with our guests’ experience in mind. This feature enables exploration within the environment, allowing guests to teleport or be teleported to a designated area with just the tap of a finger.

Why walk when you can teleport?

This makes for a smooth experience filled with choice, enabling easy access to guests with all degrees of technical capability. The interactive map also facilitates a fast understanding of the environment and the different locations guests can reach. They can pinpoint their exact location within the space and locate other guests.

Using the feature couldn’t be more straightforward. A tap on the magnifying glass icon placed in strategic locations will directly transport guests to the chosen area. If we have to talk about differences between Enter Agora and the real world, this is certainly one of them. But honestly, why walk when you can teleport?

The Enter Agora interface includes an interactive map.

Direct the experience

The navigation function can be used for any event, allowing guests to move around at will nimbly. However, while Enter Agora ensures guest autonomy and self-exploration, we also give clients the ability to direct guests to specific rooms at certain times to ensure they are never late for key announcements. Our notifications will let them know about upcoming events, and they can choose if they want to walk or be teleported automatically. Similarly, we can design the environment to incorporate exclusive access areas – think of it as a VIP option to garner intrigue and make sure your guests are made to feel special.

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