Introducing Enter Agora

The extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic called for intense transformations that most businesses were not ready for unless they remained open to innovation. Our answer? A high-tech product enabling high-end results.

The challenge

There was no other option than to think of things that we had not thought of before, in order to solve problems none of us had faced in our lifetimes. Our objective is always to be bold and imaginative – exploring and innovating for our clients to help them overcome these unusual challenges.

We focused our energy and resources on technology and creativity to answer an almost unsolvable problem: how can global businesses, that planned to have corporate gatherings of all forms, connect when we cannot meet?

Traditional business structures have been deeply impacted by social distancing and working from home. Even though technology has allowed digital communications to integrate into the working environment, at their core, most businesses did not previously operate and engage with colleagues, partners and clients solely through video conferencing.

Our answer: Enter Agora.

An overview of the Agora virtual exhibition environment
An overview of a possible virtual exhibition space in Enter Agora. It is the very first venue we built and designed to showcase the capabilities and versatility of our innovation.

What is Enter Agora?

Enter Agora is a world of possibility. It is a high-end, high-tech product allowing businesses to create extensions of themselves in a virtual space. Think of it as a generator of 3D environments. It is expandable, adaptable and intuitive.

Enter Agora is the innovative answer to a practical challenge. It also revolutionises the way we conduct business with a unique selling model, far from the one-size-fits-all approach. It is a virtual headquarters for companies, with modules for events, training, onboarding, pitching or even a sports arena. All is possible, with the highest degree of customisation.

First-person view inside the example exhibition space.

It allows companies all over the world to create great brand experiences through content. People can enjoy it at their own leisure and be immersed in the environment. Pandemic or not, this is impactful, innovative and sustainable.

Enter Agora delivers a world at your fingertips. Whether through phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, you can connect globally, across platforms, instantly.

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