Intuitive conversations

Screen from Enter Agora

Enter Agora stands for high-end, high-tech and high-quality. This is true of everything we build for our clients, always with their needs in mind. Designing the perfect guest experience is an ongoing process of understanding the subtleties present in interactions – and one of its building blocks is the online global chat function. For us, it was never a question of whether we would have a chat feature or not, but rather how to stimulate natural conversations as they would happen in real life.

Online global chat functions include current speaker, microphone and map

Layered communication

We designed the communication in layers within Enter Agora. We can choose to have one-on-one conversations, set groups, or participate in an online global chat. Group dynamics can take on a life of their own, so we design them specifically with every client, based on their audience. Guests can type, use their voice or see each other’s expressions through the video feed. This is vital, especially in business meetings where reading facial cues is crucial. These options are easy to find and turn on and off from the minimised menu at the top of the screen.

Online global chat features in Enter Agora include private messaging

Personalised experiences

To ensure privacy, guests can reject a private discussion request from another participant, giving autonomy and peace of mind. They can even choose to explore Enter Agora by themselves by turning off the conversation feature completely.

With this level of direct interaction available and such an adaptive design, guests will find attending virtual panel discussions, networking events, pitches or negotiations a luxurious experience – with all the advantages of real-life in the comfort of their own environment.

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