Is Enter Agora for your business?

Businesses thrive when their people are more engaged, when their clients can easily connect to them and each other and when decision-makers can come to the global table and set the grounds for a new way ahead. Enter Agora is a 3D virtual platform which facilitates all this and more.

Innovation and connection

We have created Enter Agora for visionary brands that recognise there is a new reality that requires a new way of running things. It has opened the door for leading global organisations to innovate and remain centre-stage during a time of restricted social interactions and travel.

Aside from the functional challenges it tackles, Enter Agora looks at a higher purpose: revolutionising the way we interact with each other. It adds energy to dull 2D experiences, it connects people in a way that has not been achieved before and it gives the C-suite a legacy piece to be remembered by, laying the foundation of a new business world.

Solve business-wide challenges

We focus on global players that need to solve business-wide challenges.

Enter Agora grants a completely sustainable and cost-effective alternative to enhance corporate experiences in the future. This means no travel, production, carbon emission, or waste.

“We work with the biggest and the best organisations globally, and we have delivered and are constantly delivering new projects through Enter Agora. Our clients love the financial savings that Enter Agora gives them with one click of a button and the impact it helps them make on the planet. With organisations comprising thousands of people, usually organising thousands of flights and car rides worldwide, Enter Agora is a clean way of doing business. It makes a difference every day with every saved trip around the globe,” says Ruxandra Radulescu, CEO at Within International and Board Director at Enter Agora.

Enter Agora is not only a 3D virtual platform, but also a vision for changing antiquated ways, for enabling comfort and excitement, and for rich data to enable rapid and intelligent decision‑making.

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