Multi-guest event experience has arrived

Enter Agora’s online guest experience allows users to control their journey and decide when and how to live it.


There are so many reasons why clients have moved, or are moving, events online, and not just because of the obvious necessity driven by COVID-19. The reduction in travel has a huge positive impact on the bottom line, and the reduction in emissions from those saved journeys ties in perfectly with the ESG journey many large businesses are presently on.

Allowing people the flexibility to attend an event at home or in the office – an event that would historically have taken them away from their families for days – has huge personal benefits. One of these benefits is dramatically improved accessibility.

Enter Agora is built for everyone. Tested on eight- to 80-year-olds, its interface is highly instinctive, and it requires only the slightest effort to engage. Two virtual controls on mobile and four key arrows on desktop – this is all it takes to master entering a new world.

Key Enter Agora features include conversation, how-to films, presentations, live broadcast, search, speaker, microphone and map.


Our design team has worked for weeks on perfecting our new interface to mirror as closely as possible the live experience we had before lockdown. Guests can now navigate seamlessly into the 3D world and explore the interactive features available:

  • Conversation (both typed and spoken), in one-on-one, group and global formats
  • ‘How to’ explainer films and live support (actual support staff in the environment with your guests)
  • Agenda, presentation and documentation
  • Live broadcast directly into Enter Agora
  • Search, people, places, sessions, breakouts
  • Interactive ‘teleport’ map showing live location

Visit our features page to find further details on how each of these elements contribute to the online guest experience.

Contact us to arrange an immersive live demo.