Bespoke virtual avatars

We have spoken to hundreds of global leaders about delivering events, crafting onboarding journeys or building virtual headquarters inside Enter Agora. Among the many challenges our product solves, one is the opportunity to connect with each other in an easy-to-use, simple and immersive setting. Our answer? Bespoke virtual avatars as standard.

Customised and flexible

Stepping into Enter Agora, guests have the opportunity to customise a character who will act as their virtual representation, walking around and connecting with people and content. It emphasises the immersive nature of the experience and allow guests to make easier connections.

As a company, we steer away from standardised and unoriginal solutions. The power of Enter Agora lies in its flexibility – the vast array of choice and the comfort it provides. Similar to how event teams around the world dress venues and create atmospheres, Enter Agora creates virtual spaces that our clients can use repeatedly and populates them with their people and their brands, using a different look and feel every time.

Live design

Our clients love the virtual avatars workshop session that enables them to build the characters’ design live with our teams. We can enable interactions such as jumping, carrying, pushing, pulling and even a ‘stagger’ for those that spend too long at the virtual bar (a popular build request)!

Contact us to arrange an immersive live demo.