Enter Agora

Meet in a new world

Enter Agora reimagines the way we experience our world virtually by creating bespoke virtual environments fit for any business needs, allowing visitors to interact with content, other guests and spaces like never before.”

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Virtual experiences like never before

Lower cost, higher impact

"Events – virtual or real – are expensive. The spend for a one-time experience is high, and there is pressure that comes with getting as much out of it as possible."

On average costing only 20-40% of the amount of a traditional event, Enter Agora vastly reduces costs and boasts a significantly higher ROI thanks to fewer restrictions and a high level of customisation. Your investment for physical events happens every time. Enter Agora can be there forever, allowing you to reuse, repurpose and reinvigorate the world you have already created for future experiences.

Enhance real experiences

"Virtual means virtual – there is no in‑between when it comes to virtual vs. real experiences."

Designed to complement and enhance rather than simply replace live experiences in the future, Enter Agora acts as an amplification of your space before, during and after any experience. Offering the possibility to host your attendees for pre‑registration, expand your capacity virtually, share post‑event content with delegates who were unable to attend, implement targeted ads, tailor experiences to your visitors and extract performance analytics, Enter Agora was created to better how we experience our world(s).

No footprint, no travel, no waste

"As a business, we are concerned about our carbon footprint and are constantly looking for ways to be more sustainable."

With increasing demand on businesses to make sustainable choices, Enter Agora facilitates greater possibilities with fewer restrictions on time and space and minimal impact on the environment.

Design and display any type of content

"There are so many moving parts that go into designing content for experiences – and restrictions come with all of them."

From films that engage your people, live talks that give them a pulse of your progress, to almost any type of static and dynamic content, advertising and sponsorship, our content options are as adaptable as your imagination and your needs.

Worlds designed for any experience

"Virtual platforms and experiences are often unengaging, boring and simply glorified Zooms. They limit the kinds of experiences you can move online and can never replace the real thing."

Far beyond 2D virtual platforms, Enter Agora allows you to create a bespoke 3D world explicitly developed to fit your brand and business needs from the ground up. From a conference to an experiential showcase to a global expo complete with stands, create an immersive environment that’s infinitely more appealing and interactive than any existing formats.

A new way of connecting

"Interactions in virtual settings are not as strong – nothing can replace the real experience."

Sometimes the beauty of live experiences are the bump-ins – those off-beat, sporadic moments that other online experiences are unable to replicate. Reimagining how we come together in virtual environments, Enter Agora offers built-in interactive features that replicate physical interactions as closely as possible, while enhancing and giving you overall control. Your guests can interact using their own voices or the chat features, share their details and connect with people they otherwise wouldn’t bump into, regardless of location and timezone, on any device and in the comfort of their own environment.

Offer an alternative solution to live events

"Many guests are often unable or unwilling to attend events – some even dread engaging in corporate experiences altogether."

30% of people are more likely to speak to others virtually than in live settings. For many, attending events is not always an enjoyable experience. Whether they enjoy a sense of anonymity or a more controlled environment, Enter Agora offers an alternative for those who consider themselves introverted to control their stage and perform at their best.

Simple yet ground‑breaking

"It’s a struggle to constantly keep experiences engaging, different and innovative. When it comes to big companies, it is often even harder to innovate as there are processes in place, making it harder to turn the boat."

Bold, imaginative and immersive, Enter Agora incites innovation without the need for extra equipment, gear or training. Develop new experiences for your team, improving processes, designs and marketing to solve problems, increase efficiency, and ultimately increase profits.

Worlds created for any experience


Sporting events

Company events

Summits and forums

Product launches



Trade shows

Networking events


Retail and e-Commerce



Build a new world


  • Bespoke multi-level 3D worlds
  • Private access rooms
  • Stands
  • Workshop rooms
  • Livestream Q&A
  • Chat messaging, type and voice
  • Event matchmaking
  • Meet-me-outside
  • Contact exchange
  • Forums
  • Interactive floorplan/map

Event management & marketing

  • Landing pages
  • Registration
  • Event agenda
  • Calendar integration
  • Session recordings
  • Event recording
  • Secure password-controlled entry
  • In-environment updates
  • Signage/floor graphics


  • Livestreaming
  • On-demand
  • HD pre-recorded films
  • High-res graphics
  • Social media feeds
  • Downloadable content
  • Different languages
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising
  • e-Commerce

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